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Individualized Care for Individual Patients

When you visit Advantage Chiropractic Centers you can always expect a warm welcome, personal service and quality chiropractic care.

We are proud of the fact that no two appointments are really ever the same. Our doctor will create a customized treatment plan based on your needs. Your appointment may differ from another based on the condition we’re addressing or the particular therapies you’re receiving.

Your First Visit to Advantage Chiropractic Centers

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You can always expect a warm welcome, personal service and quality chiropractic care.

When you first arrive in our office, you’ll be greeted by our chiropractic assistant. We’ll get you started with our new patient intake forms so we can get to know you better and gather the information we’ll need for your visit with us. Please remember to bring a photo ID and your insurance card.

Next the doctor will invite you back to the examination room. We’ll go through your consultation, your medical history and your diagnostic exam and testing. Typically, these appointments last about 45 minutes and we’ll do our best to have a diagnosis for you before you leave that very first day. Some patients might even receive their first chiropractic adjustment at this visit.

Occasionally patients may require X-rays, MRI or other diagnostic testing. If so, we’ll arrange for you to have the imaging done, and we’ll be able to review it before you come back for your next appointment.

Returning for Your Second Visit

If you received your diagnosis and were treated at your first visit, you’ll move right into treatment when you return for your second visit. These visits will be short, about five to ten minutes or a bit longer if you’ll be having additional therapies.

Typically, patients who are returning for their second visit will receive a diagnosis. The doctor will discuss his report of findings from the testing and exam conducted at the first visit. From there, you’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment. You can expect this visit to last about 30 minutes.

Future visits may be as quick as five to ten minutes for adjustments, or a bit longer when other therapies are involved.

Chiropractic is gentle and effective, and most patients find it to be very enjoyable! Find out for yourself, schedule your consultation today. (724) 775-0600

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