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About Advantage Chiropractic Centers

When we opened our doors in 2002, we knew one thing for certain – being under the care of a chiropractor is a definite health care advantage. That’s why our mission is to provide world-class chiropractic care to as many people as possible.

A True Family Practice

large multigeneration family smiling and huggingBeaver County is our home – where we grew up and where our family lives. Our patients are our friends, our neighbors, our family. We take great pride in being a referral-based practice. By treating our patients the way we would treat our own family, they are certain to refer others. That’s the way we have done business for the past 12 years in Beaver County.

We Care For All Ages

We truly are a family practice. We see patients of all ages and from all backgrounds. Each of our patients has different health care goals and different needs for meeting those goals. Our practice is multidisciplinary, meaning we conveniently provide a variety of services under one roof. Our patients have access to all the tools necessary to get better.

One of the most fulfilling parts of our daily practice is seeing people who are suffering with pain on a regular basis and getting them back to 100 percent.”

We have seen patients in their 40s who have suffered from headaches since childhood and have been on medication their entire life. After receiving chiropractic care, their headaches were gone.

We have also had patients bent over and writhing in pain. Within a reasonable amount of time, through light force chiropractic and rehabilitation, they are back on the golf course and feeling like a new person.

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